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MWith Voilà Saintpaulia Vlasman nursery presents a new image of Saintpaulias under the motto: "Voilà…..here I am!" The concept is contemporary and shows that these colorful flowers are trendy again. This simple and jolly plant brings color and makes the consumer happy!

  • Saintpaulias of top quality
  • Beautiful colors, such as white, purple, blue and different shades of pink
  • Fresh and eye-catching cases
  • Easy to take care of

Voilà Saintpaulia is a nice present for yourself or for someone else. Whether it's a special event such as a birthday, coffee meetings, a thank you gift or just a regular occasion: the attractive packaging ensures that it's nice to buy, to give or to receive the plant. Click here for inspiration.



There is a light noble touch to Saintpaulia, it's named after lord Walter von Saint Paul-Illaire. It was him who first discovered this plant at the end of 19th century.


Saintpaulia is a plant from the Gesneriaceae family. The plant naturally grows in Usambara mountains in Tanzania. There are also about twenty species from the same family in eastern Africa. Where they grow in humid atmosphere and light shade.

Growing process

Propagation happens through leaf cuttings. Vlasman nursery receives these cuttings rooted. After 16 weeks of the growing process the plant is mature and ready to be delivered.

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Voilà Saintpaulia fits current trends perfectly. Get some inspiration here!


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