About Vlasman

Vlasman nursery is a modern nursery of potted plants in Mijdrecht with the total area of more than 30.000 m2. They cultivate the finest and best Saintpaulias with passion and pleasure on a daily base. Voilà Saintpaulia represents the jolly bloomers from Vlasman!

Why choose Vlasman nursery?

  • Obviously, a tailored approach is applied, the client really is the king!
  • They think beyond just the production process. They delve into the consumer and think in concepts.
  • Quality is their top priority! With lots of passion they grow the best and most beautiful Saintpaulias.
  • Any order, small or big, is treated with considerable attention and professionalism.
  • Vlasman nursery ensures fast deliveries.

The construction of the new building began in 2000 and its last phase was completed in 2005. Vlasman nursery specializes in producing Saintpaulias in 12 cm pots. Currently their assortment consists of 6 vivid colors. The new line consists of double-colored Saintpaulia’s. They carry out the work using automated processes.

Vlasman nursery trades exclusively through FloraHolland. Daily they auction their produce in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk. Obviously, they also deliver their products directly to exporters and green retailers. The clientele is very diverse, from wholesalers and cash & carry to small line-drivers. And if you have big orders, Vlasman nursery is also the right address for you, as they drive the plants to the auctions and clients themselves, as well as collaborate with a number of corporate carriers, prompt delivery of their produce is guaranteed.


Vlasman nursery is a progressive company producing high quality plants and giving high priority to corporate responsibility in all the processes. We have a passion for growing the best and most beautiful Saintpaulias. Together with a team of experienced employees, they strive to fulfill every specific request of the client. In consultation with the breeders they choose the most vigorous plants. They maintain only the highest quality. Their goal is to provide the consumer with lots of pleasure with the help of these cheerful flowering plants.


Vlasman nursery is always working on improving Saintpaulias to the benefit of the consumer. Through making the packaging of Voilà Saintpaulia even more attractive, they are trying to find and create new sales opportunities.

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Voilà Saintpaulia fits current trends perfectly. Get some inspiration here!


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The product range is extensive and diverse. Check out the many possibilities.